Friday, January 12, 2007


LiveVideo Explodes!

YouTube users discovered LiveVideo (LV) this week! There has been a lot of discontent lately with commenting and messaging problems on YouTube and with YouTube's lack of explanation about what was being done to improve the situation. People began to fantasize about a YouTube 2 which had all of the community aspects of YouTube and where everything actually worked smoothly. This week, a good number of YouTubers seemed to decide that fits the bill. I've set up an account there and I found that it looks a lot like YouTube. From what I can see so far, everything works. But what will happen when thousands of new users sign up? Time will tell.

I'm not wasting any time. I'm jumping on the LV bandwagon right away! I'm adding the ability to add LV videos to user's "My Favorite Videos" list on our YTStats service. For more information on that service, see this post on my other blog, YouTubeStars, or go to the YTStats sign up page.

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